10 Step Lessons

Product Leaders

Learn how great product managers lead their teams on decision making, delighting customers, and measuring key metrics with Adam Nash.

Building a Unicorn

Valued over $1 billion, WordPress’s Automattic runs more than 20% of the internet and has realized the mythical startup unicorn status, all with a fraction of the workforce of Google & Facebook; Founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg shares how focusing on talent and breaking through geographic discrimination with a virtual workforce are integral to their success.

Kickstarter Campaigns

Monisha Perkash, CEO of LumoBack, teaches you how to run a successful kickstarter campaign.

Product Growth

Growth is a community around the replicable strategies and tactics that increase product adoption. Learn from growth expert Gustaf Alströmer how to implement growth strategies for your product.

Cruel Empathy

Incorporating experience from Apple, Google, Twitter, Dropbox, and three failed startups, Kim Malone Scott does not tell but rather shows how to actually create a culture of feedback and manage your team for success.


The job of an entrepreneur is to grow the business — and Josh Elman tells us how.

Customer Understanding

Understanding which customers make sense for your business is critical. The goal of listening to customers is not please every one of them rather to figure out which customer segment serve your needs in the short and long term. In this miniseries, serial entrepreneur, 8x startup founder, and Customer Discovery creator Steve Blank walks you through a step-by-step guide of how to build a startup.

Customer Development

Conceived by serial entrepreneur and 8x founder Steve Blank, the customer development process is an iterative circle that lets you discover if you are building something truly useful. Learn the four steps—customer discovery, customer validation, customer creation, and company building—and how to apply them to your idea as the second level in the customer discovery process.

Customer Discovery Primer

In this multi-lesson series, serial entrepreneur, 8x startup founder, and Customer Discovery creator Steve Blank walks you through a step-by-step guide of how to build a startup. In this first installment, we learn the origin of startups, why they are not smaller versions of larger companies, and new tools uniquely designed fro startup creation.

Channels & Partners

The sales channel is how a company delivers its product or service to its customers. In this lesson, learn the economics of the two major channels: physical and virtual. You will also learn the basics of identifying partnerships and how to create strategic alliances that will bring your business to the next level. This lesson is part of our mini-series on how to build a startup by serial entrepreneur, 8x startup founder, and Customer Discovery creator, Steve Blank.

Networking for Success

Learn why helping others drives our success from Fortune’s best networker who epitomizes the Giver persona, Adam Rifkin.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Senior developer and serial entrepreneur Alicia Liu followed the golden path to becoming a software developer yet still felt like a fake, as do so many women in tech due to vast underrepresentation in the industry; she shares her experience with impostor syndrome, how she overcame it, and how you can too.

Communication & Leadership

Learn to communicate effectively, lead with warmth and strength, and self-promote the right way with the delightful executive presence coach and good bragger Peggy Klaus.

Design Research

Erika Hall shares the importance of research in your design process and articulates the vision for her approach.

Team & Culture

People are everything, especially in startups. Dave Kashen shares how to set the DNA for your company culture from Day #1 and best practices for building the best team.

Designing Your Experience

Design expert and serial founder Jeff Veen shares his thoughts on team building, culture cultivation, design comprehension, acquisition, and all things startup.

Demand Horizon

Inventor and search expert Gerry Campbell illustrates how search is the objective expression of user demand, can be a direct line to customer feedback, and should be explored before building anything.

Business Model Canvas

Even with a great product and groundbreaking technology, companies with great business models win every time. Alexander Osterwalder, creator of the business model canvas, shows how to proactively innovate on your business model.

Sales Funnel Optimization

A proper sales funnel is the key to gaining users and pricing your product. Hiten Shah explains how you can create one and why every business needs one.

Intro to Hacking

Appreciate the role of hacking for programmers and non-programmers, both in startups and corporations, through this introductory guide to hacking.

BoD Management

Venture capitalist, VenRock partner, and veteran Board of Director (BoD) expert Brian Ascher shares best practices for managing your board not only for governance and compliance but also as a strategic asset for startup success.