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With Nir Eyal

Entrepreneur and author Nir Eyal guides you through the "Hook Model," a four step process that companies can use to influence customer behavior. As screens are shrinking and the digital landscape becomes more and more crowded, user habits are the new key to startup success. Learn the components of a good hook, why you should ask your customer to do some hard work, and how to reach the holy grail of habit forming products.

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Marketing Your Startup

Alice Lankester is a senior level executive marketer and Silicon Valley veteran whose innovative marketing work has touched startups and tech companies from Friend2Friend to Photobucket to Apple. Do not miss her advice for startups in the beginning stages of their marketing. Learn why you need a business mantra, how to phase your go-to-market strategy, and build awareness of your brand.

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Fundraising Series Seed

Jenny Lefcourt has raised more than $100 million during her career as a founder and advisor to numerous successful startups. She now uses her expertise as an investor with Freestyle Capital. Let her guide you through the seed fundraising process, from perfecting your pitch to the dynamics of convertible notes.

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